AddPipe in Python with Rhino Common

Hi Steve and All
Can you post an example of AddPipe with Rhino Common in Python?
Ciao Vittorio

Hey Vittorio,
The following is not 100% RhinoCommon, and it’s only a simple example with start/end radii (no intermediate radii)… but FWIW:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import scriptcontext as sc
import Rhino


crvID=rs.GetObject("Pick a curve to pipe",4)
sRad=rs.GetReal("Pipe start radius")
eRad=rs.GetReal("Pipe end radius")
for pipe in pipes:    

I can put up an example of one with intermediate radii later…

edit: hmm, the python-specific formatting doesn’t seem to be working, showed up in the preview, then it disappeared. and now it’s back… bizarre.

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Hi Mitch
Thank you very much, is what I want.
Ciao Vittorio