Adding surface for decal

Hi folks
I have two decal questions:

  1. Is it possible to add another surface to a decal? So if I relocate the decal to above the new surface it will show? The existing surface and the new surface cannot be joined due to separate material settings

  2. I use Flamingo for photorealistic rendering, and am really satisfied - but I cannot see my decals until I actually start my Flamingo rendering. Is there a way to “activate” the decal to be visualized also in Rhino render mode?

Thankful for all help!

You can’t add another surface to an existing nXt decal but you can assign a decal to multiple surfaces in unison. Either Shift select both surfaces and then assign the nXt decal or Group the surfaces first.

Sorry no, nXt doesn’t fully support the Rendered display mode in Rhino 5. This is an ongoing project though and it should be possible soon. nXt was originally designed for Rhino 4 and needs to be updated to work with the display advances in Rhino 5 still.