Adding gha files as references

Hi, I’m trying to add a reference to plankton.gha in visual studio but it won’t have it. Can anyone assist me with this ?

Do you really need the gha? Wouldn’t referencing the dll be sufficient?

You can’t reference .gha, it should be .dll. There are some tricks you can do like renaming the .gha to .dll just to reference, then name it back once referenced (a .gha is really a .dll in disguise), but this gives problems sometimes involving more tricks. I think plankton has a .dll already made though.

Well I thought the dll would’ve been sufficient. I mean, when you reference something vis studio it’s a dll, that’s why it defaults to the dll extension, unless everything has changed in the programming world without me noticing.

Anyway, the reason I am wanting to reference a gha (didn’t know you could) is that I’m following along Long Nguyen’s plugin dev course and he does it in the current example I’m following.

I’ll send you the link if you like so you can see the bit I’m referring to?


Exactly, it should be a dll. I might ask Long (the guy who did the course, see reply to David ) why he includes reference to a gha.

Will update - thanks

Oh sh*t! I am so sorry guys. I’m not paying attention. I needed to include plankton.dll and planktonGH.dll.

For some reason I’d seen plankton.gha instead of planktonGH.dll and started wondering how you could reference something that wasn’t a dll.

Doh! :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hi @cottonbale, where can I find that planktonGH.dll?