Adding Dimensions onto unrolled surfaces with Grasshopper

Hi there,

Im searching since a while now for some information to add dimensions to unrolled surfaces in Grasshopper.
are there any components within grasshopper or any plug-ins which i can use to get dimensions added to my unrolled surfaces?
The surfaces are flat on X/Y plane.

Thanks in advance for looking into this.


Hi @kai.ebert

Attached is one example with regular Grasshopper ‘Linear dimension’ component. When you right click on it, you can bake the dimensions into Rhino work space.

Why would you like to dimension the unrolled surface?
bake (6.8 KB)

Hi @djordje ,

thanks for your reply.
I need to add dimensions to the unrolled surfaces when transferred into DWG files.
So i am thinking if i can add the dimensions already from GH into Rhino and from there to export into DWG it will be faster. i have a lot of surfaces to put dimensions onto, around 200…

Is there any better way to get the dimensions already added than to do in GH?



Hi @kai.ebert ,
With upper attached file you can reference all 200 unrolled surfaces, and then just bake all the dimensions to rhino.
If you would prefer a button (instead of right clicking on the ‘Linear Dimension’ component), then you can use a plugin like Elefront and its ‘Define Linear Dimension’ component.

By ‘why you are adding dimensions to unrolled surface’, I meant: what are the unrolled surfaces for? What kind of sheets meant for cnc cutting?

Hi @djordje ,

yes, these unrolled surfaces will be for production.

Thanks for your advice, will try the mentioned components.