Add Objects from dxf via Rhino.FileIO.FileReference with their original attributes

Hi all,
I have a question concerning Rhino.FileIO.FileReference…

I am able to create the object one, but not able to insert them as real objects into a new Rhino file.
If inserted they should keep their attributes from the original file (LayerColorSources, etc…).
I guess it will not matter if it’s a dxf-file, because so far the Instance of the object was created perfectly fine.


Hi @tobias.stoltmann,

I think you’ve confused the terms “file reference” with “reference file”.

A FileReference is really nothing more than a file path helper class.

A “reference file” is file that has been inserted as a linked block or that has been attached to a worksession. In this context, the reference file is read-only.

Does this help at all?

– Dale

@dale, thanks.
Now this is getting a bit clearer to me:

So I thought that I also could insert the content of the file reference as objects only.
Is there such an option to in RhinoCommon? So far I am inserting files via the command line, but sometimes it is getting a bit bulky.

Thanks, T.

Hi @tobias.stoltmann,

Scripting the Insert command is still the best option.

– Dale

@dale thanks.
Are you planning to make this possible in RhinoCommon in the future?

Hi @tobias.stoltmann,

I’m sure this is on somebody’s list.

Just curious, what advantage would a RhinoCommon method provide you over just scripting the command?

– Dale

@dale, sometimes command line solutions seem a bit bulky to me as a user.
Methods in RhinoCommon are very convenient and easier to use.

To me it also seems that RhinoCommon methods run faster than command line scripts, right?


That’s hard to say, being that any potential RhinoCommon addition would most likely call the same internal source code.

– Dale