Add beams to objects while executing C# script

Is there a way to add beams to the doc while executing script? doc.Objects.AddInstanceObject()?

Hi @patskorut,

You can use the VisualARQ Script API. Just add a reference to VisualARQ and use the AddBeam methods.

import VisualARQ.Script as va



Thanks for the reply…but what I was wanting was to add the beams to the document while still running my script for visibility purposes when prompting for user action. I have found that this works quite well but was wondering if there was a VisualARQ specific way to do the same thing.

        GetString getString = new GetString();
  •       doc.Views.Redraw();

Hi @patskorut,

I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you are trying to accomplish.

Can you post a full example or explain more in detail your scripts?



Hi Enric,
i will do my best to explain because I am still working on the script and it probably wouldn’t help much. The main purpose of the script is to prompt the user to select a curve or multiple curves to add beams to, then cycle through the curved beams while displaying the beam path and prompting the user to select a curve that would be representative of the beams length i.e. either the beam path or if the beam has any end copes the user would have had to have drawn a a curve that would be representative of the length with the end copes. I hope that makes sense, I got it to would with the GetString() method that allows the beam to get drawn in the doc and then cycle through them without having to return from the script. I hope that makes sense, If not let me know and I could try to explain better another way. Thanks

I still don’t understand.

VisualARQ Script API can only add beam to the document. Once a beam is added, it will be displayed. There are no “transient” objects, so you cannot draw only some beams.