Add a Custom Menu to Rhino

Hi All,
First of all, I would like to thank you to everyone here for extending your hand.

I have a quick question for you guys. Since I’m new to this forum, I’m not quite sure if this question is relevant.

The question is "How to add a Custom Menu to Rhino? (Please refer to the attached screenshot)" If someone can guide me or share with me how. I will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Hello- you can do this- it is not a super easy-to-find process, to say the least. Cusomt menus are associated with RUI (toolbar) files, they are not added to the application itself.

  1. Open Options > Toolbar page.
  2. In the Tools menu, choose ‘Workspace editor’.
  3. When the editor opens, click on the ‘Menus’ tab.
  4. Choose the desired RUI file from the drop down list at the top - there may be only one (Default) or there may be others - the changes you make will affect the one that you choose in that list.
    5.This is where it gets a little ‘iffy’, work-flow wise - make sure the overall editor is made wide enough so that you can see the ''Click here to add" item:

    Click on that and type in the name of the menu:

And then click on the ‘+’ sign.

  1. Once the menu is added, click on the ‘+’ again to add items to the menu:

  2. Menu items can be created on the fly like buttons, or selected from the macro library that is associated with that RUI file:

Note you can also add items to existing menus as well:

These will only appear if the RUI file that you’re modifying is loaded.

When done, close the workspace editor and save the RUI file that you have just modified.

I hope that helps…



Hi Pascal,
That’s very quick! Thanks much and appreciated.

Could you please explain little more on, let’s say I have custom script and I want to create Rhino PlugIn which will have the menu (same as Lumion, V-ray etc). I found a relevant topic here, unfortunately the download links are broken.

Is there any documentation on this or sample files? So that I could play around.

Once again, Thank you very much

Hello - sorry, I do not know how that is done other than via an RUI file - I guess you should ask on the developer forum -


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Thank you so much. I will post it there