Activate Gumballs with a C# command?

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For a project using a Human UI interface, I would like to have the user activate/deactivate the gumball to alter the shape of an object. In Grasshopper, it is currently possible to activate the gumball of internalized points; but only if I click the ‘point’ component.

Is there a way to 'select’ components with C#? Or is there any other method to activate the gumballs?


Thanks in advance!

I found a code that allows you to select all sliders in a Grasshopper document:

using System.Linq;
GrasshopperDocument.Objects.OfType<Grasshopper.Kernel.Special.GH_NumberSlider>().ToList().ForEach(s => s.Attributes.Selected = true);

Probably, I could adjust this code to select one custom component. Selection based on a component Id? Any help is very welcome!

May this help you

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I think there’s a metahopper component that can cause an object on the canvas to be selected, that might work

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Hi Andrew, Thank you for the quick response and suggestion. I love your work!

In the end, I used the following code:

if (x)
Component.Params.Input[1].Sources[0].Attributes.Selected = true;

with the following result:


How do you get 3 gumballs to display simultaneously?

I’m guessing this is something that requires some custom scripted nodes in GH?