Access points on boundary curve of Brepface via Python

Hi there,

as the title already sums up, I’m trying to access some kind of point list of the boundary curve of a certain brepface via Python, for example this one:

I want to do this for each face of a closed polysurface. I easily get access to each BrepFace of my closed polysurfaces via brep.Faces(), but there doesn’t seem to be a straightforward way to get their boundary curve (like DupEdge) and then the respective points.

I’d be grateful for any suggestions.

try casting BrepFace to Brep (if direct cast won’t work go BrepFace → Surface → Brep) and use Brep.Curves3D Property

You can get to ordered edges by way of

for face in brep.Faces:
    for loop in face.Loops:
        for trim in loop.Trims:
            edge = trim.Edge

If the order of the points along each boundary/loop is important, you also need to consider the result from BrepTrim.IsReversed Method