About the AI category

Discuss emerging artificial intelligence technologies in Rhino and Grasshopper used for design, development and fabrication.

In the last few years artificial intelligence, machine learning and other related technologies have emerged to potentially change how we use design tools. This group is to discuss, showcase and explore these fast changing technologies as they relate to Rhino and the workflows Rhino is used in.


For fun, here are some technolgoies in Rhino/Grasshopper to mess with:
- Grasshopper meets AI. Remaining in the familiar territory | by Aftabahamedbaig | Medium
- OpenAI ChatGPT: Open AI for Grasshopper (.gha)
- Dall-E inside Grasshopper: Grasshopper Developing OpenAI (DALL-E) inside Grasshopper with Python – Advanced version | lucianoambrosini.it
- Veras
- MidJourney
- Stable Diffusion