Abaut get history in rhinopython

I kown: In python if I use Rhino comand, I cant get the History, now I have a sample of Dale which write by c# .
Now: I am try to change this sample to python, but I am not good at class, I do not know if I write it by class, it cant success or not.
question: will it success? if it cant success,I will learn more abaut class, if not I will give up.

I means if I do not use rhino command, it is possible to get history in rhinopython?

Sorry for my english skill.

History is command-based. That is, only Rhino commands can record and replay history.

You cannot create Rhino commands in Python. Thus, you will not be successful porting the sample to Python.

Does this help?

Think you Dale. it is helpful, I will find other way to get the result with my need.
Think you.