A Make2D that output surfaces

Hello all !

I’m having a really hard time doing something very simple. I feel like it should be a boolean option of the Make2D fontion tho it’s not :
I’m trying to get a 3D prop to be flatten, exactly like a make 2D except that rather than outputting lines, I want the surfaces as if it was projected.

The only difference with a projection (and that what makes it very hard) is that I only want the visible surface to render. A projection renders all the area of the surface regardless of if it’s hidden behind something or not.

In fine, I want to get the wireframe of the surface to create a hatch. The goal is to give a different color/texture/hatch for the 3 orientations of the brep. Here are pictures to show what I want if I’m not clean.

I want to automate the whole process with GrassHopper. I already got the brep deconstruction and selection of the faces according to the normal of the face figured out. I can also bake it in a specific layer with the Human plugin but the rendering in 2D is still a mystery to me. It’s very important that it’s in a specific layer so that all objects in one layer represent a certain hatch.

The closest thing i’ve done so face is a classic make 2D and then a CurveBoolean with CombineRegions=No. the problem is that 1) it’s not in Grasshopper but if it was only that, I could do it manually from here but 2) this output all curves in one layer, the current…

Can someone help me, please ? I’ll take any intel, I’m desperate.
Thank you very much !

this is half of a solution that might work with simple geometries (requires Fennec plugin, which takes care of recognising the different regions, and also requires a bit of luck from Make2D :slight_smile: )

Make_2D_regions.gh (12.5 KB)

a note: if even a portion of a given face is somehow occluded by something else, it will be recognised as different faces

Exatcly what I want ! Thank !!! I’ll tweak around for a bit and keep you posted. Thanks again.