A little modification of Script - please help!

Here is the script, taken from this forum. The script aligns any selected control points along a drawn line.

_Move 0 0,1
_Move 0,1 0
_Line Pause Pause
_SelLast _Cplane _Curve _Enter
-_UndoMultiple 3
-_SetPt _X=Yes _Y=Yes _Z=No _A=Cplane _C=No 0
_Cplane _Previous

It works great, but after finishing it moves view of the screen to the centre of Cplane. So If I have an object far from the centre and need to repeat many times the script it becomes very uncomfortable to move the screen back to find an object every time. Can anyone please change this very useful script to save the focus on the object at the end of the script action?

Any help is appreciated!

Delete the line : Cplane Previous
Ciao Vittorio

I`m sorry, Vittorio, but it doesn’t work… Here is a short videoRecord_2014_02_21_13_35_13_702.mp4 (423.1 KB)