A curve should be after an offset ever on the same side


i have the problem that after an ofset the curve is ever after a “set on curve” on an other side because i am construating ever in an other angle to the plane. Is there in grasshopper a posibilety to take the offset ever on the same side?

Thx for your help.

Try joining them up. Had this issue recently because, I believe, of the direction of the curves or lines, that is set when you create them in rhino. So grasshopper will look at the direction of the lines and offset according to it.

Curve offset depends on the direction of the curve within the offset plane. If you do not specify an offset plane then a plane is cooked up on the spot and that may be both pointing up or down, making the offset direction basically a coin toss.

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Thank you for your answers, the curve take the offset like i draw in rhino

When you run the Offset command in Rhino there’s a lot of extra information Rhino has to make it more predictable. You’re picking curves within a specific viewport which has a specific C-Plane, and you’re even picking a side yourself. In the featureless, anisotropic 3D space in which Grasshopper operates there are no such hints it can use.

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Arrows show the direction of the curve and offset plane of the selected offset component is XZ, how does it make a decision to generate 20 units to the left?
I’m bamboozled :thinking:

XZ? That looks like it would be nearly perpendicular to the curves you’re offsetting.

Yeah, this is what confused me, I assumed XZ refers to rhino’s model coordinates, but then does the algorithm uses the axis? When I make spatial decisions I just imagine the plane sitting on the curve to help myself visualize where things go, but with offset I’m not sure how it uses the plane to offset. Could you explain it in greater detail?