5 axis AB angle generation issue

The method I used is sound. The parts were not aligned correctly. Can you explain why they were so far off? Why should I believe that problem has been fixed?


I was referring to the fact that the new file I created is also slightly off. Even when using your angle generation script.
The original skewing was intentional as this was the location of the a/b head after hitting it’s limit switches. Since I knew what this skewing was I believed I could compensate in the code.
This new model does not even relate to the above machine and uses breps to represent machine geometry.
I can upload a rhino 5 version tonight.

I remember an excellent one called Beyond Compare that could do text and binary files. Not sure if it could do GH files though.

The best were source version control systems designed for software dev teams, like Subversion® and Perforce. Eventually, git.

None good for GH files, as far as I know.

here are the rhino5 compatible new files:
5AXIS_AB_SIMPLE_RH5.3dm (278.6 KB) 5AXIS_AB_SIMPLE.gh (25.2 KB)