5.5.5 will not run on Apple M1

This is not a complaint or a request for help, just and FYI in case anyone wonders if 5.5.5 will run on the new Apple M1 chips.

5.5.5 also is unstable under Big Sur on Apple Intel (2015 MacBook Pro).

Sooooo… might be time (for me) to upgrade.

Upgrading won’t help at this time. We are still working on this.

I was thinking of upgrading and just keeping it on my old Intel MacBook Pro until it (hopefully) is updated to run on my new Mac Mini M1.

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Try the 90 day eval https://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino-for-mac/evaluation of Rhino 7 on your Intel Mac for now.

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So it sounds like the mini with the M1 chip will work with 5.5.5 Has anyone tried it? My big files are moving slow on my Macbook pro with 2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7. Will the new mini speed things up?

no it won’t work.