4Point Triangulated Surface Mapping

Hello everyone,
I have been trying to form a star-like triangulated surface as a further façade shading element, however I couldn’t manage to map it to the surface of my mass model. I’m pretty new with grasshopper, so I need some help and advice. (also if anyone would like to share tutorials I’d be more than happy)

Here is my gh and rhino files, probably I have done something wrong in terms of converting the xy axis or something like that but I couldn’t understand and could not proceed. The pink entity is my 3d mass as you can understand I just want to mapp it to one of the surfaces, however the result is not how I want it to be like.

Triangulated_surface_starlike.gh (7.3 KB)
Triangulatedsurface_3dmodelMapping.3dm (1.3 MB)

Thanks for your attention!

Attachment is one way of doing what you want using “Surface Morph”.

Triangulated_surface_starlike_re.gh (17.2 KB)