4K display Status Bar (font) height

I have posted this previously under V6, but here goes again -

With 4K screens, depending on the display scaling used, the status bar can get pretty small. I checked in V7 and the current WIP, nothing has changed.

On my laptop 4K screen I have a display scaling set at 225% because a 15.6" screen is pretty small, I use medium (24px) toolbar buttons and everything is proportionally OK.

On my desktop with a 27" 4K monitor, I have the display scaling only at 150%, in Rhino I use the large size (32px) toolbar buttons. The status bar is then much smaller proportionally to the rest. The menu font is somewhat small as well, but I guess that is a Windows-controlled thing.

Would be nice to be able to set the status bar font height (and thus the panel height) like we can with the command line font. Just bumping that 1 point from 9 to 10 makes a lot of difference in readability on a 4K screen.

Hi Mitch - got that, thanks-
RH-66731 Status bar: Set the font height