3DMAX Cameras to Rhino

Hi everyone, i received a 3DMax model and i need to do some stuff with it in rhino. But to do this i need to import the cameras from 3DMax to rhino along with the model. Is there any way i can do this? I only get the model in Rhino without the cameras.

Thank you!

Hi, very long time ago I created a toolset to exchange cameras between Rhino and MAX.
No idea if it still works, but you can check that out - PDF has instruction how to run it on MAX side:
RATplus_071118.zip (1.2 MB)


going to check that.
It would be nice to have a more workflow between these 2 softwares.
Rhino does not have a good render engine. Vray is not stable since many years yet.
I found that many ArchViz artists import their work into 3DS to prepare them to render.
But unfortunately if we can not have a clean solid objects after export from Rhino, we loose a lot of time on retopology all objects. I still do not understant why Rhino export OBJ and them when open inside 3DS, sometimes those objects solids are broken, loss of face geometries, bad tesselation, etc…

Thanks a lot.

You can check out this video,I hope it will help you. https://vimeo.com/75172766