.3dm to jpg help

Hi all,

Firstly I would like to apologise upfront for the question and it being basic.

I have been provided a .3dm file and the corresponding jpg. I would like make edits to the .3dm (make it yellow gold) and export this to .jpg. I have around 100 .3dm files that this needs this done.
I am needing .jpg to display as a picture.

Could someone possibly help with the steps are perhaps point me in the right direction?
Attached are the .3dm and jpg files for reference.

Thank you!

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take a look

Thanks Javier. Would this take the 3dm model to an image - like the two files I provided?

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Hi - your question is a bit too undefined to get a good answer.
Are you expecting a script or a way to do this manually?
The file you posted doesn’t have a layout, which I would think you would want to set up. Are all of your 100-ish files organized the same way - same layer names, units, etc, …? Would all of them need the same views? …

Thank you for your reply Wim.

Apologies for the vague question - I am very new at this and unfortunately I don’t have the technical know-how to ask accurate questions.

I was hoping for a way to do this in Rhino (or any other program) by means of a manual (simple if possible) process.
All the 3dm files are of a similar fashion and I was was under the expectation that one could easily change these to the output jpg file.
Yes, all of them would need the same view - top and side.

Thanks again for your help.

Hi - I would probably do something like the attached.
Ring Setup Template.7z (8.2 MB)

For each ring, delete the geometry in the model view and import a new ring 3dm file.
In the layout, place new dimensions and probably annotations and then print the layout to JPG.