Print Settings control from GH

I would like to print multiple layouts from Rhino by sending the print commands as a macro from GH. According to that I have two questions:

  1. How to change the Printer from the default AdobePDF to a JPG format?
  2. How to I assign a file name?
    The goal is to write one macro command in GH, send it to Rhino and get the images saved according to the setup described in the macro. That should work automatically without any further manual steps. Just activating the toggle to send the command to Rhino should be the only task to get the images.
    Does anybody knows how to achieve this?


Hello @Julia1,
Apologies that your post wasn’t answered. Have you solved your problem? In Rhino 5 you can automate the saving of what each view or layout looks like (screen capture), but ‘printing’ layouts to any format (pdf, jpg, etc) will not work because at the moment there is no good means why which one can specify a file name through code to the printing process. See this thread for similar issues with a user who wants to automate pdf printing.

Good news though, in Rhino WIP this has seen some progress, albeit only for PDF printing at the moment (not for images as you requested).

Hi @Julia1
I solved it (saving jpg’s) by using Imagerinter pro
Doesn’t cost much and works like a charm for me