3dm File Size

Hello everyone,

The files on the version of Rhino v5 64bit are overly large, from 7 to 10 times larger version 4,
I tried to compress a series with WINRAR and I can tell you that a folder containing various steps of modeling that weighs 30 gb, once compressed became 4.26gb.
It would be good news for me,
but I can trust you think deleting the original files?


Hi Luke- do you SaveSmall when you check this?


Hello Pascal,
The initial test I did was to take a folder with a number of files and I simply compressed with winrar.

On the specific I did a couple of tests:
doing SAVE SMALL a file from 7gb I had no benefit, the file has remained the same

Compressing the same file with winrar with default settings has become 60mb …

I think it’s a variable factor depending on the scene that goes to compress,
in any case is quite amazing the level of compression that reaches winrar …
It would be nice to implement a direct compression on rhino …no?

I confirm that the compression rate is variable,
the file 7gb contains a series of blocks and has shrunk dramatically, while on big scenes without instances, the efficacy is reduced, but the files about five times smaller…