3d Yacht Models and Renders Portfolio

Hi Rhino users and possible clients.
My name is Jahn and i have been working with Rhino and other associated programs for over 15 years.
Mainly in the yacht design industry. If you are looking for someone to model up your next yacht or other dream project and provide appealing renders please contact me. I am looking to keep myself busy!
Attached is a link to my portfolio.
Regards jahn



Hi Jahn,

Nice to see that you promote yourself over here.
It was a pleasure to have you as a colleague at “de Voogt” design office.

Hey Gerard- Nice to hear from you- all is well from the land of the Happy Cow!

I have started worked for myself something I should have done years ago.It all going along nicely , a little busy at times but a lot better lifestyle.

Take care and hope to catch up again one day.