3D scanners that play well with rhino?

I’m in the market for a freehand 3d scanner in the US$5k range.

Primarily I plan to use it for medium scale, medium precision applications: scanning bikes, house interios and vans for custom built ins.

Does anyone on this forum have experience using a scanner like this with Rhino? Recommend manufacturers? Recommended accessory software? Issues to watch out for?

I’m using an Artec Leo but it costs a bit more than your budget. Scans are processed with Artec Studio. The features of the software used to process the scans are absolutely essential. One thing I wasn’t aware in the beginning is how much RAM is required to work with detailed scans. A project can easily be 30 GB and you need a few times more RAM to work efficiently.

I’m not sure what a scanner would be that plays well with Rhino since I think you’d do most if not all post processing in the scanner software.

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