3D pattern

I’m trying to generate a form similar to these images. What plug in’s would be best to use/ how would i Use them?

Check out the field components in the vector tab.

Perlin noise adn Curl noise


Check this out



Like this?

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Join here in the group and can see one of them has posted a Curl noise component.

To make lot more easier here is the post that mentioned by @Shridhar_Mamidalaa

Here is a component to create a curl noise vector from a 3D point. Curl noise is a fast algorithm to approximate smoke, fire and fluid effects, and this one is based on the Simplex noise algorithm developed by Ken Perlin and the original curl noise paper published by Robert Bridson.

Some links for further reading:

Input P: Point to evaluate
Input S: Scale of Simplex Noise
Input O: Offset of Curl noise plane
Input D: Toggle 3D or 2D curling

Output V: Curl vector
Output C: Colour value plotted from normalized vector



The curl noise component can be use in a couple ways (I am sure there are many more), either to parametricaly modify geometry, or iteratively move and modify points like particles or agents.

Attached is the gha plus an examples file showing 2D and 3D noise fields for scale. Please let me know any bugs or feedback.

2Dand3DFields.gh (280.8 KB)

CurlNoise.gha (27.5 KB)

Author : Adam Holloway



I can’t seem to get Grasshopper to recognize the CurlNoise.gha. I put it in the Libraries folder and when I restart Rhino and load your GH it says the component is missing. I copied it into the 6 librairies and when I restart grasshopper says it found 2 copies and requested I delete 1. I see nothing in the Grasshopper tool pallets indicating that component.


Maybe this will help:

Feeling foolish… Thanks for the reminder. That worked.