3D Mouse plugin issue

Whenever there are only Grasshopper objects in the view the 3D Mouse rotates always about the global (0,0,0) point.

It does not reset the rotation point to whatever object is in the center of the view.



Right. Until the Grasshopper geometry is “Baked” there is nothing in the model to work with.
It’s just a display trick.
After it’s Baked, it’s no longer a GH thing but there are objects to rotate about.

Yeah, I understand that, but there are already developed tools that allow grabbing GH objects inside Rhino viewports. It makes sense that 3D Mouse plugin is also capable of getting data of GH objects.


In cases, where Rhino is displaying only GH unbaked data, precise viewport navigation can be very frustrating. Both with 3D Mouse and a regular mouse. Thanks for bringing that up.

Normally, I use Zoom Selected and Move camera target to object all the time.

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Just to give you an idea of an example workflow.

Imagine creating a ship’s hull long 300k mm and being unable to see the fore body properly with the 3d mouse because every small touch of the 3d mouse causes the zoomed in ship to disappear from the viewport.