3D modelling & (CNC)Fabrication work 2019

Can you Share more about the squished Cottage?
Specifically, The logic to make it/ method of coming up with the process and concept. Was it a set of distorted perspectives?
Did it require a great deal of Post processing, or where you able to code the change from building to Iconography?

Nice stuff. I will show it to Mauro, I don’t know if he saw this before.

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It was for a client of mine who is an artist (Anders Holen). He basically sent me a 3d model which I assume he bought from an online 3d library and asked if I could squash it into a circular 3d texture and machine it. Since it was a mesh, I redrew most of the model to nurbs so I could cage edit the house and get smooth transitions. I then machined it out of solid oak slabs which brought some warping challenges due to the material properties. He also asked me to convert a sphere like 3d shape into a square 3d texture.

Explanation I can find from the exhibition:
The figures can be viewed as a sort of digital inversion based on what geometricians call “squaring the circle”: a mathematical problem where the idea is to form a square with the same area as a given circle by only using geometric construction. After centuries of experiments it was proven that such squaring was unattainable, and today the phrase is used as a metaphor for carrying out the impossible.

Do the structures the kids are playing in–come in larger sizes?
: )

We haven’t produced bigger yet but it’s possible. :-). I created the structure using a Grasshopper definition I made to allow for different sizes and materials.

If you cannot fit in there, how then could you be assured that it’s fun : )

Good works !! Cheers