3D grid, question

Hello, is there a plugin to create 3d grid xy , xz , yz and select group of point by plane index?
like in 2d grid when select by vector direction.
The component plane|plane|plane intersection can find plane intersection; but the problem this don’'t give all points.

Not sure if I understand you right, do you mean something like this?

3dGridTree.gh (8.0 KB)

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Thank you very much @Baris ,I hope see this as component in Grasshopper

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May I ask you for the preview component at the end of the defintion, from which plug in is it.
And would you mind to share your defintion?

The preview component from Heteroptera.
I change the definition to reduce the number of components

3dGridTree.gh (13.4 KB)

Thanks @seghierkhaled,

I was curios about what in the python script is,hehe.

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A simple code of course :smiley: