3D egg crate geometry (soundproofing) on a surface?

Liner.3dm (70.8 KB)

I’ve been attempting to handmake some acoustic soundproofing geometry, which would line the inside of this container. However, it’s clear that parametric would be the way to go so I can play with the scale/density, because I have no idea how to make the geometry seamless from the walls to the floor.

I’m considering either a smooth eggcrate texture (https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41eDIVIiaqL.AC_SX425.jpg) or pyramid like this:


How would one go about this with GH?

I’d start by using surfaces (not polysurfaces) for paneling.

…assuming the floor does not have the pattern on it, here’s something you could do to keep things proportional given the different panel sizes and thin filleted corners you have in those walls, which are excluded and kept without pyramids:
pyramidtiling.gh (51.2 KB)

optional thickness:

Is this the kind of result you’re looking for?


If so (with the diamonds on the inside surface of course) I can clean up my GH file and post it here.


Extremely helpful, thank you.

Well I thought it would be easy/simple to tweak up my GH file, but (of course) I stumbled on what seems to be yet another GH quirk. The attached file produces this when the Height slider is set to 3.0:

But when it is changed to -3.0 so the points are on the inside it produces this:

Why that is I have no idea, but maybe you can use the edges to fill in the caps. Or make rounded corners. Or maybe someone here can explain why this happened.

“It’s always something…”

EggCrate.gh (18.1 KB)