3D Delaunay Tetrahedralisation


Recently i found a very good delaunay 3d Tetrahedralisation python script from Koki Tsutsumi at this link :

with other great scripts :

So i decided to make a grasshopper component from it:

Delaunay3D-Tetrahedron-V001.gh (25.2 KB)

The first group makes the 3d convex hull ( the outside triangles) :


In this group you will find first the tetrahedralisation calculating, then different elements you can plug depending on the type of geometry you want

the second group will make all the lines and tetrahedrons of the calcul


The first bloc is identical in both group.
You can plug any of the two groups in the tetrahedralisation calculating element.
I only made two groups for better visualisation.

The last one is just a test of 3d Voronoi, I didn’t work on it that much. Take care the tetrahedralisation calculating element is different than the one in the two other groups:

It works on both R5 and R6.
This is the first version. You can probably find some bug, and I didn’t try it on a large amount of points.
I deleted the original comments because I can’t read it and for the non ascii characters, and made some minor changes in the script. The second part elements are from me.

Happy holidays everyone!
and thank’s Koki Tsutsumi for this wonderful script.
It was very useful for me to understand how tetrahedralisation works.



Thank you!

It looks like just the thing to launch more Grasshopper science applications.

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