2D Profile Family Curves

Hi Everyone ,

Im New Into RIR , I wonder if there is any way to extract the 2D Profile Family Curves ? i aimed to use them with Sweep Nodes …

Hi Nawaf,

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Can you provide more information? There are a few ways this could be interpreted. A screenshot or small file would be helpful, along with the overall workflow you are aiming for. Thanks.

Hi Japhy ,

Thanks For Your Reply .

I’ve a Parametric 2D Profiles as a Loadble Families , I want to use the profile for a Sweep Component that follow multiple curves in project , So In General i want to create a workflow that create a sweeps with ability to change the profile family or by changing the parameters of the profile itself . i Know i can achieve a similar results using Structural Beams , But i wonder if i can use the curves of a parametric 2D Profile Family by Selecting it .

Hi Nawaf,

You can access the Parameters of you Profile Type like this

modify with the Element Parameter component on the Profile.

If i understand the question correctly this is all that is available in native components for your workflow.

Thank You Japhy , Indeed im not asking about changing Parameters , Im Asking about placing 2D Profile Families to use it as a Profile for Sweep component (of grasshopper ).

You can open the Profile Family and get the curves like this, they aren’t directly accessible via the project.

Hi @Nawaf_Albakr,

You can extract the profile of sweep like family types using something like this cluster.

RiR-StructuralTypeProfile.gh (11.4 KB)

It takes a Type and not a Family because each type may have a different size.
Does it work for you?