Component family curve not showing


I am creating a new family using Rhino Inside, but I cannot make the curves to show in the family, the breps show fine in Revit.

What am I doing wrong?

Attached a screenshot of the script

Hi Ismael,

Hard to say, lets start with the basics. Does this work for you in a new file? Can you put together a small example of what isn’t working for you? Help Us Help You - Rhino.Inside.Revit Edition - #8 by Japhy (7.2 KB)

I created a new file and did the exact same script as you, and it doesnt show.

In the same script I added a DirectShape (geometry) with the same line, and it works.

The script creates the family, but it looks like its empty, there is no line inside…

Just to verify, you placed the family in the project after creation? Can you post the family and project file? Thanks

I forgot to place the family in that example.

When I place it the planar curve is there, but the 3dimensional curves are not. Is that a limitation? No curves that aren’t planar?

Hi again! So no 3dimensional curves no coplanar then? that is the limitation?

There are limitations and the specific types of curves Revit handles can be generated via the API

If you need a curve in 3d space in a project the directShape curve would be the quickest way.

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