2d objects that pivot automatically as I orbit in 3d landscape?

Is it possible to have 2d objects pivoting automatically as I orbit through a 3d landscape, so they always face me? I remember that I once downloaded a tree-file where this automatically happened, so I know it should be possible, but I can’t remember if this was an image file or a vector file.

They’re called “billboards,” it’s on the wishlist I think, but it’s not a current feature. It’s something that’s possible to do, there was a demo of “GhGL” posted recently of exactly that.

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there is actually minimum one script which does this. from my memory you have to activate it though each time they have to face you.

Yeah, I spruced this up a bit and made it a plug-in - you can give it a try - it would be good to know how it works in real life - so far only a bit of testing here. This has the FaceCamera command as well as a couple of light utilities that I added since the code is much the same : TargetLight and LevelUpRectangularLight

You’ll need to unblock the rhp file in Windows then drag and drop it onto Rhino from where ever it is saved.

FaceCamera.rhp (29 KB)

@Jaxx - it does not follow the camera - you need to run the command on the object when you need them to face the camera. It is possible to make this a little more user friendly and, at least, not need to re-select every time to update, but that is for when I have time to type on it. In V7/WIP selection sets may be helpful for now, otherwise, grouping.


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Thank you!
Yes I have indeed found multiple threads about this now that I know of the term “billboards”. And the script is indeed pretty reliable. Especially the adaptation that allows you to use it also with curves:

, but eventually I decided to keep it more simple by copy-rotating the planar drawing (twice).That looks just good enough!
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