2D cutting for the tube laser machine

Hello everyone.
I need your help with grasshopper and my english…
I’m from Vietnam. I am working with Cad/Cam for the laser cutting machine.(Flat sheet and tube laser machine).
Does anybody know how to create or convert the tube(round profile) from 3D-cutting to 2D-cutting machine in Grasshopper.
2Dvs3D cutting.3dm (1.6 MB)

Left side from images is 2D-cutting and Right side is 3D-cutting.
Ps. If someone need help with cad/cam software from Artube, Bystronic, Igems, Omniwin, Fgcam. I can help you,

I think you need to define your inputs and outputs better so people can help you.

I have seen this problem before with a CNC machine using a 4th rotational axis and only X and Z axis.

The 2D cut is always at 90degrees to the surface of the tube and the 3d cut uses an extra axis to give the effect of being sliced by a plane so the laser would be tilted at an angle to the tube surface to achieve this.

So do you have 3d models with 2d cuts and you want to use them to generate the same model but with only 3d cuts?

Or you want to create the models with 3d cuts?

This creates what you have in 3d but it doesn’t convert from 2d to 3d…

3dCuts.gh (15.4 KB)

Hi Martynjhogg.
I have 3d moddels and i want to convert or generate to 2D cuts in Grasshopper.