2 tone design help

Hello Forum,

I need help on replicating this semi twist insert design. I tried rails and twists, but ends up distorting in mid sweep. Please help! thanks.

Hello - please post a file with the input objects and some indication of what the desired result is.


I’ll upload the actual rhino file. WIRE.3dm (2.1 MB)

Thank you for the quick response.

Hello - I am confused - is your question about how that is done, or is there something wrong with it that needs fixing?


Wanted to know how it’s done.

Hello - see if the attached file helps at all -

  1. Extrude the nested profiles.
  2. Flow from a line to a 3d curve,(White to Green) with History.
  3. Twist the original extrusion on its centerline (cyan) 180 degrees.

WIRE_PG.3dm (1.6 MB)


Thanks Pascal for your help, but still not right. could you try it with an oval? thanks.