1st day at Grasshopper, orientation question


First day, simple problem but I can’t figure out… I’ve created a grid of points, from each point I’ve created a rectangle, I want to 90° rotate the rectangles. I’ve tried a few approaches but each time the complete grid rotates not the individual rectangles. Can someone help me out? Thanks!

grass 003.1 question rotation.gh (6.9 KB)

Hi and welcome to Grasshopper.

Please, internalize your data:

I think you didn’t upload the correct file, or you uploaded it before saving. (there is no grid or orientation inside)

Also you might found useful to read this: How to ask effective questions

Hi and welcome,

You can also create a rectangular grid and then rotate the cells - try this to get you started:
rotationhelp.gh (8.0 KB)

good luck hopping the grass

Thanks guys, appreciate it. I am attaching the file again plus screenshot.
The grid is driven by geometry and I’ve tried to add @corellaman explode component but got stuck again. Any hints?

grass 003.1 question rotation.gh (9.4 KB)

you’re welcome!

easy, just copy from the other script into yours and replace like this:
grass 003.1 question rotation_rev.gh (20.8 KB)

do graft the output of your rectangle component

ah! I only tried to add the explode component before the rectangle… awesome! Thanks.

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