1979 Pioneer KE-5000 AM/FM Stereo Cassette

Pioneer KE-5000 car stereo I had in 1980.
Modeled and Rendered in Rhino 7 for Mac. Very happy working with materials and decals in version 7.16 :+1:
Hope you like it.
Jorge Rocafort H.


awesome!! crank up the van halen!!

thanks for sharing!

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In fact, Van Halen, Twisted Sister, Kiss, AC/DC, etc. + Jensen speakers sounded great in that stereo!!
If I’m not mistaken, the hump in the top of the box was an integrated amplifier.

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Only flaw I can see is that it’s likely tuned to some NPR station all the squares listen to…MAN.

(to be clear I love NPR)

Well done!


Actually it’s just the bottom of the FM band in the US. Beautiful model BTW!

Ah… Cassettes… just memories now.
Fantastic modelling !

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Fantastic! I especially like all the decals and details you added, like the 4-four digit display.

When I was a teenager the CD era was already on its way out, and cassettes a thing of the past, however I had a small boom box that still featured a player.
Looking at this thing, makes me kind of sad. Fiddling with buttons, rotary encoders, and physical media is such a great experience. With all the tablets, smartphones, modern car dash boards, etc., this has all gone out the window, which is a huge mistake in my opinion, and hopefully only a passing trend. I like haptic feedback and to physical interact with my toys.


Amazing job, congrats!
Have you tried the applysoftenedge option?
It would add a small radius all over making your rendering even better.

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Thanks for your tip!!, I will. See its like a soft bevel.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’m actually so old (haha) my first car had an 8-track stereo, they were bigger boxes than cassettes! (Mid 70s).
As you said, good old days, remember all my vinyl LP music collections too.


I’m so old that my first car was a 1965 notch back Ford Mustang. Truly a crappy care that bears no resemblance in handling nor refinement than today’s fine Mustang. It had roll up windows port and starboard, an AM radio which in those days stood for “all right music” vs. FM which stood for “Finky Music”. I recall picking the car up from a used car lot owned by a fellow that my doctor/father had helped. He charged $800 for the less than one year old POS that I absolutely and naively loved!

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I think I had one of these in a 1970 Triumph Spitfire that I owned in 1991

What made you decide to model this bit of auto audio history?

Because I had exactly this model in the late 70s and 80s in a Dodge Coronet 67 and in an AMC Gremlin 1980. Good memories and excellent radio.

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OMG nice memories with this Stereo, this Renders are so perfect and looks so Real, congratulations.



Nice Render <3