1. Solution exception:'NurbsCurve' object has no attribute 'ToBrep'

Ueb04_25.05_error.gh (27.5 KB)
Galapagos_Error_Gesa_25.05.3dm (566.4 KB)

I’ve been following the YouTube tutorial “Using Galapagos with View Analysis in Grasshopper” by Rethinking BIM (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ip2u9i4m6V0) trying to analyse the ideal placement of a fictional building.
But when connecting everything with ‘ViewPercent’ an error occurs saying "1. Solution exception:‘NurbsCurve’ object has no attribute 'ToBrep’2 ".

Can anyone find my mistake?

Thank you

Both, "_geometry" and "context_" inputs expect to receive Breps or Meshes.

While on normal grasshopper you can implicitly cast a closed planar curve to a surface (and so to a brep), I guess your python script is expecting to find a brep or mesh, but finding a curve it throws an error.
Replace your top geometry parameter (the one connected to the panel in my screenshot) with a surface or better a brep parameter.

I do not have ladybug so I am just guessing…

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Hi Gesa;
The required input for the geometry is either a brep or a mesh for the component to work, but currently in you’re script your input is curves so that’s the reason it’s not working.

I got it working when referencing you’re loft surface

Ueb04_25.05_error-2gh.gh (25.7 KB)

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thank you!! :slight_smile: