1. Solution exception:'ascii' codec can't encode character '\u2026' in position 692

hi ,im new in grasshopper.
im trying to run a daylighting simulastion but it doesnt work and it appears this error:

  1. Solution exception:‘ascii’ codec can’t encode character ‘\u2026’ in position 692

can someone please help me with this?


Your component appears to be trying to write to a file using asci encoding, but has encountered a non-ascii character in its data (\u2026 is a unicode ellipsis character). I’m not familiar with the component you are using but can suggest looking for options to set the output file to accept Unicode and/or looking at the incoming data to see whether the ellipsis could be replaced.


Hi - you need to make sure that your paths don’t include spaces nor any non-ASCII characters.
Also, please visit the dedicated forum for Ladybug | Honeybee questions:

Thank you for your help, Jeremy. it works well now.

thank you for your help, Wim Dekeyser.