1. Data conversion failed from Brep to Rectangle

Good evening all, Authorized languages are english and french,

Capture2 !

SO here’s my grasshopper file try, the red thing on white background is my result… The beautiful thing on grey background is the goal… Data conversion failed from Brep to Rectangle is on the red component so the voronoi… What should I do to make it work?

Thanks in advance.

No, that’s only a screen image of your GH file.
Don’t extrude the rectangle, connect it directly to the Voronoi ‘B’ (Boundary) input.

Yeah that’s what I meant sorry, so here’s the export image from my GH file of the modification you told me to do… So it worked out thanks for that but now I have two questions…

I don’t understand what’s the problem on my boundary, it says “1. Planar surface routine returned no results”
and because of the absence of extrude rectangle, where should I put it to play on the Z axis? Cause my computer’s really long to process modifications

Also, sorry for so much questions I started GH yesterday

Without posting your actual GH file, I won’t touch this. You’ve now posted three times in this thread without sharing your GH file. NOT COOL!

Hum okay, didn’t know we actually could but I’ll try then

Need Help.gh (12.5 KB)
Okay, it worked sorry

Voronoi_2020Sep21a.gh (14.4 KB)

Offset Curve requires a number value, not a vector. You want negative offsets in this case (“insets”, not offsets). It’s not a good idea to offset from an offset curve. Negative offsets can fail on some shapes when the value is too great. The Clipper offset often does a better job.

You don’t need RDiff to get the surfaces you want.

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Ooohw okay, makes sense… Thanks a lot! Huge help you gave me
Have a nice evening or day depending on where you are

Would it be complicated to apply all this on a crv like if it was buildings on a mountain?

Quite possibly yes, depending on how it’s done.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

The Clipper plugin PolyOffset allows a smaller inner offset, as expected, but had a bizarre sequence problem that required using the first offset as the basis for the second offset.

Voronoi_2020Sep21b.gh (18.9 KB)

By the way, I just noticed that your random heights apply to only a very limited number of buildings in each group.

For example I made this

Need Help 2.gh (13.3 KB) But In section I’d like to have like a stairs effect, kind of like in the casbah of alger moko9_1_orig

You didn’t internalize your Srf param.

Ohr so stupid, sorry

Need help 2.3dm (917.4 KB)
Hope Rhino 5 is okay

I had to use the Clipper PolyOffset because the standard GH Offset failed too easily. I didn’t bother with pre-existing points you used in PopGeo, which I replaced with Pop2D. I fixed the problem with random roof heights. The surface is internalized, no need for that Rhino file.

This is slow so be patient… There are 23,476 buildings! In general, it’s always better to work with a smaller surface and fewer points until the code is working correctly.

Voronoi_2020Sep21c.gh (30.0 KB) (DEPRECATED!!! Use Voronoi_2020Sep21c2.gh below)

P.S. I made a subtle mistake. I switched the wires and used the outer curve instead of the inner curve for DivDist which has a different outcome. Fixed in this version, also using a larger inner offset so bigger buildings. And some anomalies?

Voronoi_2020Sep21c2.gh (36.1 KB)

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Oh damn I didn’t expect so much, thanks a lot… I’m sorry for the huge surface tho

Be sure to see my P.S. above. Other than a very wordy description, there was no way to do less work and demonstrate how to do this. Some of the buildings end up partially below the sloped surface. Some of them are oddly shaped in part because there may be a small remainder after DivDist.

Yeah I saw thanks, I just couldn’t reply because apparently we can’t reply more than 20 times in our forum … But it’s amazing thank you, I learned a lot!
In the meantime, I thought… While I’m at it, I might as well learn more for future needs. Now that I have this,

Need Practise.gh (44.5 KB)

how could I apply a random height to each building, considering these

are a buildings?
I tried several things but couldn’t get this

A fix for this problem is shown here: