"0" as origin point doesn't work as first reference point in ArrayLinear - Bug?

I often type “0” as a point of reference to work from the origin for moving, scaling, etc… I just wanted to do the same thing in the ArrayLinear command and it doesn’t understand this shortcut when I try to use “0” as a first reference point.
It does however work when you use it as a second reference point, and typing “0,0,0” at the first reference point also works so I assume this is just a bug?

I just tested and it also doesn’t work in Rhino 5…

Thanks for the report, I see this too. I filed it as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-38924 for future reference.

Maybe related? I was getting intermittent weird results using “0” as the point for extrude curve to point. Sometimes it would go to 0, but sometimes it would go elsewhere.

Hi Hans - 0 is the current CPlane origin - so if you have any CPlane active other than the ‘big 3’, then it will not be ‘right’ if you expect the World origin. Use W0 for the World origin. Does that explain what you’re seeing?


Negative. I was using the WCS when I was using 0 for the origin, but around 50% of the time it would choose a different point.

Hi Hans - if you can post an example, with a blow by blow, if you see this again, that would be grand. Thanks.


RH-38924 is fixed in the latest WIP