_-SelLayer no preselection

_-SelLayer _Pick

When using the above, pre-selected objects are being ignored. Is this intended or a bug? If it is intended, how can I change the command to include pre-selected objects? If not, it should be changed to include pre-selected objects.

Thanks, S

Its working here. Maybe I’m reading it wrong.

I got some objects on different layers. So I start with.

  • Selecting an object
  • -_Sellayer _pick
  • Select my object
  • Press enter

And my pre selected objects are still selected.
In your script. Did you use _Pause after _Pick?

Hi Jordy

Thanks for your reply. What I was looking for is the following:

  1. pre-select an object
  2. -_SelLayer _Pick
  3. enter

get all objects on the layer of the object that was pre-selected. Yes, I am using pause in the macro, it is an excerpt of a longer macro.


You can do this I gues

1. Pre-select an object
2. -_selnone -_sellayer _pick _selprev
3. Enter

Thanks! This works for me.

Probably intentional- otherwise it would be hard to add a layer to the current selection.