Yak - use current package rui file

can yak force rhino to use the rui file included with the package version installed?


Yak doesn’t do anything special when it comes to RUI files. The behaviour is the same regardless of whether a plug-in is installed via Yak, RHI, or manually.

Does that mean there’s no point in shipping .rui in a Yak package @will ?

Rhino will install the .rui included in the .yak file on the FIRST installation of a plugin, from then on it completely ignores it.

I like the fact I can install an .rui with my plugin, but it’s a total pain that that it never updates.

There are some guides around on how to manually update or include ‘on load’ events in your code to then check and update the .rui.

All are complete hacks compared to the behavior you would expect, which is the .rui would update at same time as the plugin itself.




I always thought this was just me. If they could update that would be fantastic