Worksessions ETA?

Just wondering if this feature is being worked on… I could use it! I see the main option in the File menu but nothing in the fly-out, which I’m sure you’re aware of.

It’s on the Open list for Mac V6:

No ETA yet other than before release.

Thanks John!

This item is marked 6.x and probably should not be (which is my fault). I think this is a 7.x or later feature actually because of the changes that would be necessary to the Layer manager. I don’t want anyone to expect this in Rhino 6 for Mac.

Dear Dan, is there any progress with worksession command for the Mac version?
it is such an important command/function.

Hi - issue RH-36512 is open to the public and you can check the status at any time. It is currently on the Future list - I have added your request to that issue and the issue it is dependent on to be fixed first.


Worksessions is the feature I miss the most from my days with WinRhino. I hope the “future” comes soon…



Yep, I miss worksession too!

Yes, it’s a very important feature and there have been no news about this for a long time. @dan ,could you share some info regarding when work sessions will be ready for Mac Rhino?

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I’m sorry to report that nothing has changed since this post over a year ago. It will still require a rewrite of the Layer Manager to get working correctly. This is definitely a post 7.x issue at this point, I’m afraid.

Feeling more and more that I could use a bootcamp :slight_smile:

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it was implemented in an early WIP 6 version, but it didn’t really work… Hope you guys can figure it out and get it to work in Mac RH7

(Sorry, I should have been more clear above :point_up_2: and not so jargon-y.) I’m afraid to report that Worksessions is not a feature planned for Rhino 7 for Mac.

That is disappointing. Contemplating whether Rhino could become our primary CAD software but without references / work sessions it is hard to conceive that it would be an option.