Wombat crash report


Just an FYI, if you pass this component a negative number is crashes GH.

I was dealing with some elevations below grade in Visual ARQ, and kaboom.


Yup, so it does… only if you give it a decimal though. I don’t work on Wombat much anymore - appears this issue has been reported before: https://github.com/woodsbagot/WombatGH/issues/13 - maybe worth pinging @mswaidan :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.

@mswaidan this can definitely be worked around, but do you think it’s something that could be fixed in a future update? Or is development on this plugin done?



btw if the current document unit is feet you may directly use:

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Wow! I downloaded your plugin. There are lots of great tools in there!



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Hi @lignindes-

I’m no longer working on this project, but @sebastian.misiurek might know if anyone is maintaining it these days.

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Do you know why this is happening?

I would expect the result to be 14’ - 0"!



I sent you a beta version in the direct message and it should have resolved the issue.

I’m testing it right now to see if we can fix it.

When I try it, it doesn’t actually crash straight away, but it freezes gh for ages (blue spinning wheel goes on and on and on. Been going for at least 10 min by now).
It is the same behaviour you get @lignindes?
After how long does it crash on you end?


This wasn’t causing a crash, just an unexpected result. The updated beta version of the plugin has this problem fixed.


Sorry @lignindes for my bad habit of not saying clearly what I’m referring to :slight_smile:

I’m talking about Wombat “crashing” with negative numbers.
The bug actually exists (I found an infinite loop), but I wanted to double-check with you the behaviour you have on your end. In the original post at the top you refer to a crash, while I don’t get a crash, just gh keeping calculating and freezing.


Sorry, I thought you were talking about Pancake, not Wombat.

You’re correct, it wasn’t crashing GH, it was just freezing it up. Blue wheel of death accompanied by greyed out screen. I didn’t wait any more than a minute before I just forced closed.



@lignindes @andheum @FlynnAD,
Andrea (@andreatas) has fixed the bug within the Decimal Foot To Foot Inch component. You can download the latest version (1.3.1) here: https://www.food4rhino.com/app/wombatgh