Wishes : PushPull / Inset / SmartTrack


Three small things that I encountered doing this simple model.

1/ Inset does not recognize lines as PushPull does. SplitFace is required before which is a bit disappointing considering what PP does. Is there a way this could become a command option (CutByCurves = Yes/No ?)

2/ Any possibility here that Pushpull would extrude along bisectors ?


3/ I was going to say this is related to AutoCPlane but it’s more general that than. I’d like to be able to use SmartTrack instead of _From + relative coordinates rx,y to define the start location of a rectangle from a corner. It is not working when hovering along an edge sadly, except I disable Near Osnap, which I would like to keep activated permanently and don’t want to click/unclick every time I have to draw a rectangle.
In this case I can go first along -Y and use a negative distance…
I think this is because OSnaps have more priority than SmartTrack lines ?

Edit - it’s not usable anyway for the second corner since the length of the rectangle has more priority than the SmartTrack distance constraint… :pensive:


RH-77316 Make inset work like pushpull with regard to splitting faces

I think this is a quite specific request/use case, I will wait for a couple more votes on this one

Regarding 3, what I normally do is draw a rectangle snapped to end points, turn on the control points and move things in place. Much quicker than using smarttrack imo.