Wish: Two additional options for "Draft angle analysis"

I have two proposals to upgrade the “Draft angle analysis” tool to make it even more versatile:

  1. Add an option called “History enabled curve” to pick a straight line and automatically adjust the draft angle based on the modifications of the former. This option should be history enabled to work this way. Note that this is not supposed to be a replacement for the existing option called “Curve or edge”, because the latter is also useful due to its lack of history. The automatic one that I propose here is for situations where the user needs to test the draft angle multiple times and needs the graph to quickly follow the changes of the directional vector without the need to press the “Set…” button again after each change.

  2. Add an option called “Normal to surface” to pick a surface and use its normal direction for the direction of the “Draft angle analysis”.

Hi @Rhino_Bulgaria

Makes sense.
Let’s see…

Rodolfo Santos

As an addition to proposal #2, I think that it would be cool if the normal direction could be rendered as an arrow normal to the surface and able to be moved freely along the surfaces, thus making it possible to drag it along a sphere or any other organic shape and change the draft angle on the go. Sort of how the light analysis handle of the “VSR” plug-in for Rhino 5 could be adjusted manually.