Wish: [Treesloth] Dispatch Index component accept -1

Is there anything wrong with Dispatch Index component?
The output was not compared with the Cull Index and List Index component.
It seems probably a bug.

Dispatch question.gh (45.2 KB)

I don’t see any bug here, the component is actually telling it does not accept the “-1” value, so it’s ignoring it:

so it’s the same result as if you don’t supply that “-1”, because it gets ignored anyway:

if you replace the “-1” with the actual last index of that List (4) it doesn’t pop errors and works as expected:

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Thanks for the explanation.
The key point is that the dispatch Index component doesnot support “wrap”.
And it would be great appreciated once it have one wrap input.

got your point :+1: in the meanwhile, something like this might work

Dispatch question_Re.gh (36.8 KB)

Thanks for your answers.It works through a lot of component is used.
In fact, I can use one combination of “Cull index and List Index” to do the same things.
But it is strange that both Cull Index and List Index conponent can “wrap” ,at the same time the Dispatch Index component cannot! :joy:

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