WISH : Show objects from Layer

It would be practical to have a “Show” option when right-clicking a Layer name.
This would un-hide any objects from that layer that is hidden.
If the layer in off, then it would be greyed-out of course.

This would be more easy than hitting “ShowSelected” and selecting objects from that layer.


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Hello - for now a macro like this may help -

_ShowSelected _Sellayer _Enter


_ShowSelected _-Sellayer _Pick _Pause _Enter



The macro helps, thank you, anyhow, this kind of demand should be built-in and accessible in a click!


Thank you Pascal.

I would have put a bit more bluntly, but I agree.

I’ve myself developped an js/php server side app, that is why I’m kind :slight_smile:

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Wow. That would make me even more mean.