Wish: sheet index

Create a sheet index based on the list of the layouts with the tables and that can be edited from the table itself

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Hi @miguelayora3,

I think what you are requesting is already possible. Take a look to the layout manager: https://www.rhino3d.com/features/drafting/layout-management/

I already checked the link but I can’t find anything about an automated table of the layouts, I downloaded and checked the file and the table is made manually

Hi @miguelayora3,

If you open the Layouts manager, this list is made automatically:

Is this what you need?

I want this list to become a table to place it on a sheet like Sheet index

Hi @miguelayora3,

Ok, that is not possible yet, but we have it in our list for future development. I will keep you updated about it.

I use this - it is not auto, but works for now.

Then copy and paste into text.

import Rhino

Get the current document

doc = Rhino.RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc

Get the page views in the document

page_views = doc.Views.GetPageViews()

Loop through each page view and print the page name

for view in page_views:
page_name = view.PageName

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